This is How We Are Supposed to Work – Together

I met a fellow real estate agent the other day in Destin, Florida. “Joe” was the listing agent for a waterfront condo in the same building where I had a listing.  I contacted him to get information about his offering, as I wanted to keep on top of the market.  Joe said he would meet me the next day to show me his condo listings in the building, and I would show him mine.  I met him at the property, and not only did he show me his units, he explained a lot of things about the condo complex that I didn’t know.  Helpful hints, so to speak, that gave me insight into the labyrinthine building and layout, like where the other elevators were, and the best place to park in the garage to get to the back stairwell. While looking at one of his units, Joe explained that he had taken down the dark curtains and moved things around for the seller to help the unit show better.

After making this connection with Joe, we kept in touch to talk about the Destin real estate market and the condo complex. I was happy to see that he got his unit under contract, even though it was before mine.  Eventually, my listing also went under deposit.

The condo complex was difficult to finance, so again, I called upon Joe to see if he had any suggestions for mortgage lenders.  I would pass these along to the agent selling my listing.  Joe gave me several lender names, explained the financing nuances his transaction was going through, and was happy to help. He said, “This is how we are supposed to work together.”

A couple of weeks passed, and I happen to check on the status of his sale. I couldn’t find it. I dug, and saw that his listing had been cancelled! Shocked, I texted Joe to find out what happened. He said the buyer had backed out for no reason before closing. He said the unit would be coming back on the market, but with someone else.  I told Joe that I was sorry, and I knew how hard he had worked on that sale. He thanked me and added it was a “punch in the gut”, but it was the start of a new month.

I was dismayed that his seller didn’t know how hard he had worked, but I admired his resilience. Being a real estate agent isn’t always easy, and sometimes it isn’t fair. I wished Joe double the rewards to come back to him for his work in the future, and that his next seller would appreciate him. This is how we are supposed to work – together.


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