One of the keys to finding the right Realtor, is to look at the “extras” — those things not as easily observable as “ads”. These extras make the critical difference in both your choice of Realtor and in a successful real estate transaction.

Some of the key elements you will find with Wendy Rulnick & Team are:

  • Attention: You have it. When you have a team that is “on the ball”, you know that every opportunity to complete a sale for you will be capitalized on and that nothing will be missed.
  • Competence: We run our business as a business committed to excellence and to constantly improving. We know what we are doing.
  • State-Of-The-Art: We have the most advanced real estate technology for every application. If you are not getting this from your Realtor, your property is at a disadvantage.
  • Availability: We are available to you by phone, text, email and social media.
  • Feedback: We will call you as soon as possible after every showing to let you know what the Buyers thought. This gives us a chance to rectify any potential issues, and lets you know if you can do anything to improve the showability of your property.

What ELSE will Wendy Rulnick & Team Do To Sell Your Property?

I’m sure one of your biggest questions is “What are you going to do to market my house?”

While the MLS will do much of the heavy lifting to expose your home to the market, it may not be enough to reach the entire market.

  • What if there’s someone out there who isn’t exactly in the market but would love your home?
  • What if someone is just casually waiting to see the right place come on the market?
  • What if someone has no intention of moving at all, but then they see your house is on the market, and the next thing you know they’re chomping at the bit to buy your house?
  • What if someone who drives by and admires your house every day sees that it’s on the market?

Those are just a few of the “what ifs…”

The MLS is certainly important, but so is all of the additional marketing I will do to make sure anyone who may be interested in your house also sees it.

Here’s how I will market your home beyond the MLS:

  • A yard sign of course if your neighborhood allows it
  • Professional photographer hired
  • Postcards sent out to my database of 3000 potential buyers as well as a targeted geographic area
  • Social media promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedlin, Tumblr, Instagram and more
  • Paid Facebook ads
  • Youtube
  • Hundreds of syndicated websites
  • Craigslist
  • Custom blog post on multiple platforms
  • Single property website with your street address
  • Virtual tour
  • Private Realtor database
  • Realtor email promotions
  • Buyer email promotions

Free Market Analysis

If you would like a free market analysis please submit our Free Market Analysis form and we will contact you with your property valuation report.

How to sell your property in Destin, 30A, Sandestin, Niceville, or NW Florida.