Do You Really LIKE People?

If you are selling real estate, or anything for that matter, one of the keys to success is liking people.  Well, it’s more than just “liking” — it’s being “interested” and “curious”.  I am not talking about faking it.  We’ve all dealt with these salespeople before.  They say the perfunctory “Hello”, then cannot wait to get to the close and get you out the door. If you really “like” people, they can tell. 


It’s important to show others we are sincerely interested in them.  That engenders trust and it’s just a good thing.

Here are “like” questions:

1.       Do you ask how they are? Or just start talking?

2.       Do you know what they do for work?  People are usually proud of what they do.

3.       Did you hear a bird or a funny noise in the background on the phone, and ask “What is that?”. What a great opportunity to open someone up.

4.       Do you hear their voice croaking and ask if they are feeling ok?  Or did you go into your script?

5.       If they said were going on a trip, did you even ask about their vacation, or just say “When will you be back”?

6.       Do you know WHY they want a big yard? Do they garden? Or did you just add it to the list?

7.       Do they have kids, how old? 

8.       What do they do for fun?

9.      You saw the sports memorabilia in their office, did you razz them about their team?

10.   Why are they moving out of state, is it for family or the weather?  That’s nice.

Do you get the picture? People like dealing with people who like them, who are real.  They can spot phony.  If you’re an introvert or extrovert, it doesn’t matter.  Liking people is what matters. Give “curious” a try, warm up and open up, too.  Enjoy. 

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