Destin Real Estate Agent Recommended for Short Sales

Today, after getting approval on a short sale home in Destin Florida, I received a letter from the negotiator at Everhome Mortgage:

Talk about a pleasure to work with!  You are the consummate professional.  Your honor and integrity are unquestionable.  You have the patience to persevere even in the face of adversity and difficult circumstances.  Your compassion for the people you serve is a model for humanity especially in this current economic environment.  You recognize what it means to be a beacon of light for many who are in dark places. 

Thank you for your insatiable appetite for good will and for the effort you put forth in every situation to try to make it better.   It’s easy to see why you are the top short sale specialist in Northwest Florida.  Keep up the good work!  May every blessing you give out be returned to you in great abundance!    


Beverly, Default Loan Workout Specialist

EverHome Mortgage Company

Loss Mitigation Department


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