Make Amends with Your Friends – Before It’s Too Late

This week I lost a dear friend to cancer.  I had known her for many years, but for two of those years we did not speak.  Why not?  For a silly reason and a silly misunderstanding.  We reconnected when I found myself seated in a restaurant booth next to her and her family.  She did not see me, but I recognized her voice immediately.  I felt joy in my heart when I heard her.  I called over the waiter and asked him to send a bottle of wine to her table.  When she got it, she exclaimed “Who sent this?”.  I turned around and greeted her.  I could see my overture was welcome and she and I planned an evening alone.  When we got together we talked about what happened and why we did not speak for two years.  It was simply a misunderstanding.  It never should have occurred.  Thank goodness we reconnected, as we always should have been friends.  In the last few years I did not see her much, but she and I had a good connection inside of us.

If there is someone in your life who used to touch your heart, don’t wait.  Don’t feud.  People come from different places and have different experiences and outlooks.  The problem may have nothing to do with you.  Forgive them and reconnect, before it is too late.

Wendy Rulnick

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