If You Want To Sell Real Estate, Spend $180.00

My real estate market in Destin Florida, relies strongly on the use of the GE ActiveKey for access to listings.  Only registered real estate agents can open lockboxes to get the key to the property.  I check an online report daily to see who accessed my properties and when.  I can email the showing agent for feedback with a personal touch.  The system is widely used nationally, but there are alternate systems.

The problem in my Destin area occurs when we have the one or two odd agents who do not own a lockbox key.  For some reason, they do not want to spend the $180 to buy a key to show 90% of the listings on the Emerald Coast.  These agents expect the listing agent to jump out of their office and drive 20 miles at a moment’s notice, to let them in a house.  They seem bewildered that we cannot do this.  I am bewildered that they cannot spend $180 as part of their business plan.

When you have a real estate license, and you have chosen real estate as your career, there are some minimal investments you should make.  You should buy business cards, own a cell phone, computer, car, join your local association of Realtors, and be able to SHOW properties.  In order to SHOW properties in Destin Florida, you need a lockbox key.

Not making this small investment brings up some questions.  How are you serving your buyers when you cannot make timely appointments for them to see properties?  If you have to make appointments with each listing agent, versus just popping over to the house with your key, don’t you think you’ll lose some sales?  Won’t your buyer lose out when someone sees the home first and beats them with an offer? 

I realize that some rural areas use combo lockboxes.  Other areas have automated feedback systems.  But when you sell in Destin and the Emerald Coast, please get a lockbox key.

The $180.00 investment is a small price to pay.  You might actually get a return on your investment.

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