You Want to be a Destin Real Estate Agent? You Need to Buy Gas

Destin real estate agent

I have two openings for real estate agents in my Destin Florida real estate office.  My ad has been on craigslist for a few weeks.  I got a call about a week ago from an agent. She had just moved to Florida from a northern state, and had experience selling homes.   She lives two towns away from my office, Rulnick Realty.  After a pleasant phone conversation, she made an appointment for an in-person interview the following Monday.  On Sunday I received an email – “Gas costs too much. I don’t want to drive.”

We don’t just cover Destin Florida at my office, Rulnick Realty. We do cover the Emerald Coast, from Santa Rosa Beach, Rosemary Beach, Watercolor, all the way to Navarre Beach and ways north. My office is technically in Miramar Beach, so it’s a good central point, a couple miles from the Mid-Bay Bridge in Destin. The drive time to the furthest points, maybe Navarre Beach and Seacrest Beach, is about 40 minutes. Seriously, do you think a real estate agent only drives a 20 minute distance from their home base? That is how real estate is.  Because of internet marketing, service areas are expanded from what they once were. Sellers don’t always “walk” into an office to hire an agent. It’s done online. It’s the same thing for buyers.  When someone wants to buy a home in Destin, they are probably also looking in Santa Rosa Beach, Sandestin and even Bluewater Bay. They expect to be shown these properties.

You gotta drive to sell real estate. You also have to spend money. Being a real estate agent normally means you are an independent contractor. In other words, you have your own business.  You need to invest in it, just like any other business.

That being said, I still have two openings for two top agents at Rulnick Realty. Only those that are willing to drive need apply.

It’s Wendy!

Wendy Rulnick, Broker, Rulnick Realty, Inc.
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  1. I could get a new agent not understanding that a car and the expenses related to owning one are part of a successful agents business but not an experienced one. In Northern Virginia we can drive a 100 miles or more a day depending on where are clients are planning on living. Happy recruiting.

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