It Makes Me Not Want to Move!


I was on a listing appointment the other day at a very nice house off 30-A in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. It was lived in, but the finishes still looked good. I went through the house with the seller to advise him of things he could do to get the house ready for the market.  We noticed some areas that needed a little touch-up paint. The outside needed to be pressure-washed. There was one issue with a door that would require a contractor repair. Also, the home needed to be staged, and the many personal items stashed away. The wife was an interior decorator, so that would not be a problem.

The husband said, “Gosh, we are selling and doing these things now, it makes me not want to move.”  I have heard that same thing from sellers so many times and it resonates! I told him that I had been thinking that we should all take care of our homes, with maintenance, upgrades and updates, while we are living in the house instead of waiting until we are ready to sell! How much happier we would be!


And we all know those people.  Their houses are perfect. Their landscape is coiffed. The house is staged. Always. Their baseboards are spotless. Even the tops of their cabinets are clean. There is no dust on their blinds or door moldings. Their water heater is new. The air conditioner is new. The furniture is gorgeous. Open the drawers, open the closets, open the cupboards. Everything is organized, folded, and color coded.



After eight years in our “new” home, there are still half-completed projects and some we never got to. The lining of all the drawers and cabinets. The new doors that were installed with uncompleted trim. The neglected dings and paint projects. And the list goes on.

Every time I list a home where great care has been taken in its upkeep, I feel admiration and inspiration. That is the person I aspire to be. But I’m not there yet.


It’s Wendy… It’s Sold!

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