Why You MUST Call The Short Sale Lender Every 3 Days


If you don’t call the Short Sale lender EVERY 3 days

1. It might be a month before the short sale lender lets you know you are missing paperwork (they “lost” it)

2. You won’t know you’re not “authorized” (they misplaced your letter)

3. You won’t know they NEVER got your short sale package, (although you have the fax receipt)

4. They might never “refer” the file as a short sale (Countrywide cases) because it’s still in loan modification process

5. They won’t call YOU with a counter offer until they “get” to it next week

6. You might not get connected with the “right” rep who gives you a different answer and really cares

7. You won’t be able to tell them the appraisal STILL has not been ordered

8. You won’t be able to tell them the BPO agent went out to the property 3 weeks ago

9. You might not find out about the scheduled foreclosure sale date, nor be able to postpone it

10. You won’t find out they’ve switched negotiators, because the previous one no longer works there, so you’ll have to start all over

11. You won’t be able to save the file from going to collections

12. You won’t find out the junior lien was sold to an MI company as an insurance claim

13. You won’t know they rejected the offer and closed the file

14. You won’t find out the negotiator didn’t get your email because you mispelled her name

15. They’ll forget about you

In short, no matter how excessive it may seem, it’s critical to stay on top of the short sale lender. One phone call may be the difference between approval or denial.

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