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I wanted to say a great big “THANK YOU” for your amazing Destin real estate blogs about this crazy short sale market we’ve got on our hands!! I feel your pain way over here on the East Coast of Florida! I am involved with 6 short sales at the moment and sometimes I think I’m all alone in this mess.  Your blogs are always SO insightful and ALWAYS full of useful information.  I wish every single agent in Florida would subscribe to your blog.  It is so educational and full of practical information I can share with my clients AND fellow agents.  I appreciate the time and energy you put into every post.  You seem to have a knack for posting information that is “needed” at that moment!  I have used your information many times when trying to explain the in’s and out’s of a short sale.  I’ve even told a few uninformed agents to “go read your post!!”  Your “myth-busters” blog about short sales was amazing.  So many “rumors” and made up rules are floating around, it’s nice to know that someone actually knows what they’re talking about!  Your experience shows with every post.  You can honestly say, “been there—done that” about almost any glitch that we run across with short sales. 


Thanks again for an amazing Destin short sale blog.  Please keep posting!!  I look forward to every new email. 



Ronda Densford, REALTOR®
Magnolia Properties


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