Did You Get HAP Bill for Overpayment?


Did you have an Eglin Air Force Base HAP sale in the past few years?  If so, be aware that they are auditing files and you might actually receive a bill if they claim you were overpaid.  One of my Fort Walton Beach HAP sellers received just such a letter with a bill for almost $5000.  They claim he was accidentally overpaid for his sale over two years ago. The letter mentioned he might be “suprised”.

If you do receive a bill for overpayment from HAP, you may be offered options, as outlined below:

1. Instead of paying HAP back in a lump sum, you may be able to get a Voluntary Repayment Agreement, i.e. pay HAP back in installments

2. You can ask for and obtain copies of your HAP records

3. You can request the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers re-examine your HAP records to make sure your bill is valid

4. You can ask for an administrative hearing to review your case

5. You can request a waiver or forgiveness of the bill

I suggested that my HAP seller contact the HAP Chief, an accountant or tax attorney or consider getting legal aid on base.  If you have had a similar experience with HAP, comment below.

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