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Today I was conducting an interview for a new administrative position at my Destin Florida real estate company.  During the interview, the prospective candidate mentioned that she would be sure to treat all potential customers, meaning buyers and sellers, with politeness and understanding on the telephone. That made me pause and state, “Our customers are more than buyers and sellers. Everyone who calls this office is a customer.”

I mean that our customers include agents from other companies, repair people, lenders, even a wrong number! I explained that our reputation was the most important thing to our company, and that not only do we want to maintain good relationships with other agents, but we want to treat anyone who comes in contact with our company with courtesy and respect, because it’s just “right”.   I don’t know how many times I’ve been questioned when I’ve stated, “Everyone is our customer”, but it is my philosophy.  What does common courtesy give you?  It may help brighten someone’s day, that is enough.  When I get a call to show one of my listings, I often tell the agent “Good luck!” and “Thank you for showing!” They are usually surprised. That makes me wonder what type of a reaction they normally get when they call to show a listing.   When I speak with a short sale lender, I tell the negotiator, “I appreciate all your work on this file.” I mean it, too.  I wonder how often someone tells them they are appreciated?  When I have an insurance salesman or repair person stop by my office to solicit business, knowing they’ve been hitting the streets all day, I ask for their business cards and tell them we’ll put them in our database. And I do.

What does treating everyone like a customer get me? I don’t do it to “get” anything, but if I can help a person have a better day, make a sale or know they are appreciated, then it’s worth it!

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