A Simple Question to Start a Phone Call

The other day, a busy start of a real estate morning, I was trying to leave the house. You know those days when you cannot seem to get out of your pajamas, being caught up in emails, internet updates, and text messages from agents and clients? (Confess, you know what I am talking about). Well, it was one of those mornings.

Propping my phone onto my bathroom counter, getting ready for the day, I kept checking my emails. Lucky to jump in the shower at 10:00 a.m. Out of the shower I came, hair soaking wet, the phone rings. Normally, I would not have answered it at that time. Something possessed me to do so.  It was a mistake.

Believe me, I welcomed the call from a new buyer client referred to me by a local builder.  He was earnest, serious, and quite loquacious. While my hair continued to drip. He explained to me his past real estate projects, construction types, lot requirements, and knowledge of the area. There was no place to pause, and it continued.  I scrambled for a piece of paper and maintained my composure. As the frizz started to form on my head that would further explode from the humid day. No flat iron was going to solve this problem.



Which brings me to a simple piece of advice. When starting any phone conversation, after a brief “How are you?”, the added, “Do you have a moment to talk?” should be asked.  I always begin my  phone calls that way. Variations are, “Are you free?” “Do you have a quick minute?”. When the question is asked, the recipient is “let off the hook”. If they are busy, they will generally say so, with a sense of relief. Then, you can call them back or they can call you back when they are available. If I am asked the question, and I am busy, I explain that I would like to call them back, so I may give them “my full attention”. People appreciate that.

Did I survive the day? Of course. Did my hair look good? Not really.


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