Who is the Ideal Real Estate Seller Client?

Every real estate agent, or any company for that matter, has its “ideal” client. Or should.

Here is mine:

  1. My sellers communicate with me. Nothing is more difficult in causing a sale than having a non-communicative seller. If my seller responds to my emails, texts or phone calls, I know they are interested. If I don’t get a response from a weekly or bi-weekly email, it’s hard to keep the excitement going.  If my real estate seller asks me questions, has ideas, engages, listens or even complains (oh my!), then I have someone motivated to sell. I like that.
  2. My sellers trust me. If you don’t trust your agent, don’t hire them. I recently had a case where a potential seller wanted me to abide by his guidelines for advertising, wanted to write the ads himself, had requirements on the type of weekly report I was to send him, on how I would structure my market analyses, which comparables I would use and within which geographic area, down to the mile radius from his property. He required that I be present at each showing. He instructed me on how to make property flyers for his house. I had to decline the listing, telling him there were too many restrictions on my ability to organize and direct the marketing and sale of his property with my personal and professional style.
  3. My sellers have confidence in me. The last thing you want to worry about are the details of selling your home. You want a real estate agent to “guide” you to the finish, right? I tell my sellers “Don’t worry about it! I’ll worry about it for you!” They know I will get the job done. (See Number 2 above – Trust me.)
  4. My sellers know I am human. I try to be perfect (ask my friends), but heck, everyone has a bad day. I remember the kind seller who cancelled her listing when I would not do an open house, home suffering massive back pain, my normal tempered speech coming out a bit abruptly as I explained that open houses are normally a waste of time (shout out to Bill Gassett). After that it became tense and she pulled her listing off the market. (That’s second to the lady many years ago who told me, after she asked how I was and I stated I was home with the flu, that my “day was going to get worse” as she therefore was not going to hire me.)  Come on people!
  5. My sellers are realistic. Once we get going with the marketing, rarely a property will sit there without activity, unless it’s highly unusual or very niche (and I have ways around that). When I say “let’s look at the price”, please, let’s look at the price. Part of this falls back to me, choosing the rational seller, but that can be tricky sometimes!
  6. My sellers thank me. There, I said it.  This is raw emotion speaking. People like to be appreciated. You don’t have to buy me a present (although I’ve had some lovely flowers and chocolates in the past), but a “thank you” really makes my day. How may I make yours?

It’s Wendy… It’s Sold!

Wendy Rulnick, Broker, Rulnick Realty, Inc.
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