Wells Fargo and Chase Approve Hammock Bay Short Sale, Freeport Florida

This home at 213 Concert Court in Hammock Bay, Freeport Florida, has been approved to close as a short sale. 

Purchase Price:  $170,000 appr

Wells Fargo mortgage balance:   $230,000 appr

Chase mortgage balance: $60,000 appr

Factors:  Wells Fargo delayed their approval process until the junior lien, Chase issued their own approval.  Chase delayed their approval due to reorganizing internal departments.  Chase also got aggressive with a settlement demand from the seller, which took time to negotiate.

Reminder:  Consider keeping your second mortgage or equity line current if you are doing a short sale.  If you don’t, your file may be sent to a debt collection agency, or to the lender’s charge-off department.  You can still do a short sale, but the creditor may not be as lenient.

If you are trying to avoid foreclosure, consult an attorney and an experienced Freeport Florida short sale agent.

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