Chase Approves Destin Florida Short Sale – Quick!

Chase has approved the short sale of 1 Pine Ridge Trace, Destin Florida.


Senior Lien:  Chase Home Finance

Balance:  $185,000

Junior Lien: JP Morgan Chase Bank

Balance: $25,000

Sale price: $90,000 appr

For you sleuths who like to analyze investors, this one was Freddie Mac. The mortgage also had a sub-investor pool who utilized MGIC for credit enhancement.  Basically, MGIC was the mortgage insurance company for this group of investors.  MGIC only allowed $500 to the JP Morgan Chase junior lien.

The interesting thing about this process was that Chase Home Finance communicated strangely with JP Morgan Chase. Even though they are part of the same company, they had me act as a go-between to relay information, get each other’s email addresses and move the process along.  A good word of advice when you are dealing with any Chase division as both the senior and junior liens- initiate the process with each division separately.  It may speed up your approval time.

Bottom line – this Destin Florida short sale was approved in 36 days.

If you are considering short sale to avoid foreclosure, consider hiring an experienced Destin short sale agent.

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