How Many BPOs Does It Take To Get The Short Sale Price Right?

The games we short sale agents must play!  Here is a perfect illustration about why short sale lenders should not rely on one value, called a Broker Price Opinion (BPO), to decide if an offer is the right price.

1.  I list a Fort Walton Beach Florida short sale at what I believe is close to market value-  $89,900.  I’ve been doing this for awhile, so my philosophy is to price where other comparable properties will support this value, using recent sales, competition, pendings and expireds. 

2.  I receive an offer in the $80,000s.  The seller and I discuss that this is likely in range of what the BPO agent will come up.  Seller accepts offer and I forward short sale package to Bank of America.

3. Bank of America orders their BPO.  I receive a counter offer, stating BPO value is $124,000.  Gee, I must have really missed pricing right here!  Off by 30%! Buyer walks.

4. I raise the price to $124,000.  Aahhhhh, only for a short time.  I know the BPO is only good in this case for 90 days (not a VA compromise sale).  Of course, no one looks at the house.  I slowly lower the price.

5.  90 days are up!  I reduce the price back down to what it originally was, actually a bit less, since our market has now dropped.

6.  PRESTO!  New offer in the $80,000s.

7.  I send the short sale package to Bank of America.  I pray they don’t get the BPO value wrong again.

8.  We are in luck, the mighty BPO agrees with the contract price this time!  I am blessed! Short Sale approved in the $80,000s.

Meanwhile, Bank of America spent more on legal fees.  I spent more on marketing. And the seller hurtled four months closer to foreclosure.  Let the short sale games continue.

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