Should I Still Buy a Home in Rosemary Beach Florida As Oil Impact Looms?


Yesterday I received this email from a potential Rosemary Beach, Florida real estate buyer.

Dear Wendy Rulnick:

 We found you on the web. We were set on looking for a home between Rosemary Beach and Grayton Beach south of 30A. Our question is, how do you feel the long term impact of the oil spill will affect the area? 

 Thank you, “Unsure”

Dear “Unsure”,

I sincerely think it is a big unknown.  Obviously, there will be knee-jerk reactions at first should the oil hit our area on the Florida Panhandle.  Buyers will be concerned because there is no definitive answer, and may put off real estate purchases.  Thus, it might create more downward pressure on pricing.  I think those who really love the 30-A, Rosemary Beach area in South Walton County, Florida, will still seek those communities. There are economic and area improvements coming due to the new Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport in Panama City.  Another area-wide community-booster is Eglin Air Force Base’s new F35 Joint Strike Fighter training program.

 Meanwhile, BP tells us they will do whatever they need to keep our beaches beautiful.  It is a top priority locally and at the state level.  Governor Crist is fully involved.  Walton County has both a protection and restoration plan.

Let me know if you want to find a home in Rosemary Beach, Grayton Beach or 30-A.  I have a team of highly trained buyer specialists, and will put you in good hands.

Sincerely yours,
Wendy Rulnick, Broker

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