No Price Too Big or Little If You Need To Sell Your Destin Florida Short Sale

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Today I received a call from a potential Destin Florida short sale seller, timid to speak with me.  Why?  She had been told by the previous real estate agent she contacted, that listing her home was not worth her time!  Why? It seems this property was worth under $100,000 and would be “a lot of work”.  The poor seller, who lost her job, told me she was hesitant to even contact another agent, thinking no one would help her. I told her, “Sure, a short sale is a lot of work, but this is what I do.”  I then explained the process of gathering documents, pricing, follow up and time involved in a short sale.  I concluded with, “Of course, I can help you.”  She was almost stunned into silence.

Conversely, I’ve had sellers contact me with Destin luxury properties that were once valued at almost $2,000,000.  They tried to hold on to their investment condos or homes and waited until they were well into the foreclosure process before they started a short sale.  Why?  Because they could not admit they needed help and thought something “might change”.  They drained almost everything from their savings and retirement plans to make payments.  These sellers waited until it was almost too late for short sale assistance. 

Destin short sale agentBottom line – don’t wait and don’t hesitate if you are falling behind in your mortgage payments or are about to!  It doesn’t matter if your Destin Florida property is worth $60,000 or $1,000,000, you can be helped.  It doesn’t matter if you are upside down by $100,000 or $500,000, you can be helped. 

If you have one real estate agent tell you, “It’s too complicated”, “You are too close to foreclosure” or “It cannot be done” don’t give up.  If you have one agent tell you, “You are not worth my time” or “The loss is too great”, don’t listen. There is help for you to avoid foreclosure. Think about your future. Make another call.  The next one might be the right one. 

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