Destin Florida Short Sale Broker Never Gives Up

I am humbled when I receive kind testimonials from my Emerald Coast of Florida real estate clients.  I just received the following survey responses from short sale sellers in Destin and Navarre Florida.  One of the keys to a successful short sale transaction is to “never give up“.  I found it amazing that both of these sellers used the same phrases in their comments.

Wendy Rulnick and her firm Rulnick Realty never gives up. They are the best realty professionals that I have worked with in the Southeast United States. It was perfect and truly professional.”
Dan Curtis , Destin Florida

“Wendy and her staff did an exceptional job in getting my house sold short sale. Consistency, consistency, consistency is how I best describe Wendy.  She did not give up. On a personal level she supported me and calmed my fears and anxiety.

To be able to give this kind of service reflects that Wendy enjoys what she does and is committed in doing ALL within her professional capability to make her clients satisfied.  My recommendation is given freely and without hesitation to Wendy and her team to handle your real estate business”
Kay Cann, Navarre Florida

If you are looking for a real estate agent to represent you in a short sale, look for experience, confidence and tenacity.  A Destin, Navarre or Santa Rosa Beach short sale is a long, complex transaction.  Your real estate agent should never give up!

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