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Sometimes, as a real estate agent, you don’t hear what consumers really say.  Well, I did the other day.  I was at a friend’s home and the neighbor across the street, “Marcy”, starting talking about her move.  Her Destin Florida home had been for sale for months, and it seems she wasn’t happy.

Marcy said, “My real estate agent does nothing! She has never shown the home herself!  All she does is call me once a week and ask for a price reduction.” 

What’s wrong with this picture?  I bet this real estate agent was probably working hard to sell her listing.  The problem was–  she failed to explain that to Marcy. 

Listing StrategiesSo what’s the first thing you, as a listing agent, might explain to a new seller?  You probably won’t personally bring the buyer for their home. Statistically, another real estate agent will. (The median number of their own listings Realtors sell is “one”, according to the 2010 NAR Member Profile, compared to selling four of other’s listings.) The result you seek is the sale of their home, no matter who sells it.

The next thing to explain is what you do for marketing.  Marcy didn’t think her agent was doing a thing.  That could be totally false.  Her agent may have been a marketing guru.  But Marcy didn’t know. So, tell your sellers what you do.  What types of advertising, how often? How else do you ensure there will be a sale? Let your seller know you are working, even if you aren’t showing.

What did I do?  I said a good word for Marcy’s agent, whom I didn’t know.  I told her that statistically agents don’t sell many of their own listings, and that her agent was probably working very hard behind the scenes.  And I wished her the best of luck!

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