Citi – VA Compromise Sale Approved in The Meadows – Navarre FL

Navarre VA Compromise Agent

This home in The Meadows, in Navarre Florida was just approved as a VA Compromise Sale The gorgeous 2008 property with in-ground pool and three car garage, went under contract in about 30 days.  We prepared the VA short sale package for Citi Mortgage, faxed it, followed up and received approval for our seller in 24 days!

What is normally included in a simple VA Compromise Sale package?
Hardship Letter
Dodd-Frank Certification
Two years tax returns
Financial worksheet
Proof of Income
Bank Statements
Preliminary Settlement Statement
Listing Agreement
Buyer Proof of Funds
Contract (purchase and sale agreement)
Authorization to speak with listing broker

What are the benefits of a VA Compromise Sale?

The borrower will not have to pay back the shortfall (if there was no fraud, misrepresentation or bad faith when the loan was obtained)
There is currently a $1500 relocation bonus paid to the VA borrower at closing

What are the negatives of a VA Compromise Sale?
You cannot obtain another VA mortgage loan unless you pay back the government loss
Your credit will be reported as “Paid in full for less than the full balance”
You may owe federal taxes depending on current tax law and your total financial picture

One of the key differences between VA Compromise Sale program and traditional short sales is that you must have a hardship. Nowadays, so-called “strategic” short sales are more common, where the borrower no longer wants the property, has no financial hardship, so participates in the loss by contributing cash or agrees to a promissory note to obtain a short sale. This is not the case with a VA mortgage. You must be at risk of default, and not have your own cash available to contribute.

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