I Was "MIA", Now I’m Back!

 Conan Wendy's Cat

Hello All!  Today was a great day.  I was back in my Destin real estate office for the first time since a minor back surgery!  Of course, I worked from “home” for the past week, but I didn’t like it.  I know everyone has an opinion and preference when it comes to working from home or the office.  The office is for me.  Today I felt FREE!!

Here is why I prefer working from the office:

1.   No home distractions. I am currently writing this blog post from home (I left the office early since I still have my stitches) with Conan my cat sitting on my arm.  Micah is meowing for food, and Sasha is panting to eat, too. 

2.   Business atmosphere. Other professionals to mingle with at the office.  I enjoy my team.

3.   Get out of the house!  I cannot be cooped up in one place all day.

4.   Official “start and stop” to my day.    I do work from home in the morning and evening a little, but it’s sort of “bonus” hours that I can shut off whenever I want.  In the office, I am always “on”, which I love.

5.   Total mind focus for creative energy bursts.

I realize others may have a special office or room at home where they can be quite productive.  I could set that up, too.  Do I want to? No way!  Even though I went in today in my sweatpants and ball cap, it didn’t matter.  I was rejuvenated.  To each his own.  Happy New Year!

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