Setting Up Showings: Do You Use Planning & Courtesy?

Do you plan your showings in advance? Or do you fly out the door with a customer and call the listing agent at home on Sunday morning on your way to a showing with 15 minutes notice?  Do you call an agent at 10:00 p.m. Friday night to set up a showing at 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning?  Or perhaps you call Saturday night to set up a showing for Tuesday?  When you call, do you ask if the agent has a moment to speak with you? Or do you begin your request right after “This is Sue”?  Do you say, “I apologize for having to call you at such a late hour or on a Sunday?”

When you get a new buyer, do you school them regarding setting up showings in advance, so they get the opportunity to see all the properties they want? Or do you let your buyer take over the showing schedule for fear you might lose them?  Granted, once in awhile, there might be a last minute switch or change of heart by the buyer, but agents will get better results by both planning in advance and agent courtesy. Planning will bring you control over your professional life and stress management in your personal life. Courtesy will bring you better relations with everyone.

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