How I Made Homemade Hand Sanitizer – And You Can, Too

I made home-made hand sanitizer. I am not crafty. I am not a geek. I am not mechanical. But I did it!  Unable to find hand sanitizer in stores after multiple attempts and seeing exorbitant prices online, I gave up.  Over the last few years, hand sanitizer was a popular gift from mortgage lenders trying to win my business. I had a few little bottles saved, three, to be precise.  I hate to admit I may have tossed some away. What a mistake.  Scrupulously washing my hands and using hand sanitizer now, both at my Destin real estate office (in Florida, real estate is an essential service) and in the car, I am starting to run low.  Horrors!

Many of the online do-it-yourself sites say to make home-made hand sanitizer with 60% isopropyl alcohol and aloe vera.  I dug in my medicine cabinet and found we had 70% isopropyl alcohol. My engineer husband told me that it didn’t matter. I was a little worried that I might burn my skin off with the wrong mixture, but I found my pre-made bottle of Purell advanced has 70% ethyl alchohol, (is ethyl alcohol the same as isopropyl alcohol?), so I felt a bit more confident.

Next, I grabbed a kitchen funnel, large glass measuring cup, bowl and paper towels to catch spills. I mixed up the alcohol and aloe vera with a spoon in the measuring cup, one-third aloe vera and two-thirds isopropyl alchohol (some online formulas vary), then used the funnel to pour them into my bottles.  (I had fortunately saved some GoToob travel bottles that were perfect for this use!)

Voila!  My husband and I now have enough hand-sanitizer to get us through a couple months!

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