Respect – One of the Greatest Gifts You Can Give

Listing destin home for saleI was amazed the other day when I got a real estate listing from a service provider I know.  I’m talking about someone like a repairman, UPS deliveryman, postal worker– not in a business directly related to real estate.

He called my office to set an appointment to list his elderly parents’ Destin Florida property.  When he came in, I thanked him and said I was “honored” that he had selected me. I truly was.  He said, “You know I do work for dozens of Realtors on the Emerald Coast, but I know you are the right one.” I thought about this. I had never mentioned real estate to him in all the years I knew him. But I had always asked him how he was, how his business was, discussed the weather and called him by his name.  Why? Because I am interested in people.  I never thought nor cared about getting “business” from being nice and never had an ulterior motive.

The reason I am writing this is because I know some people won’t even give eye contact to people they are not engaged with, like those who mow their lawn, fix their cable t.v., provide termite treatment, detail their car, or are secretaries to someone they want to see.  They don’t look at them, don’t say hello, and certainly don’t shake their hand.  That’s all wrong.

One of the greatest gifts we can give others is respect. If you acknowledge the people you encounter, and show them kindness and interest, you can make their day.  I remember I shook an electrician’s hand to introduce myself once.  He almost fainted. My UPS lady loves talking with me, and I like hearing about her family.  It makes me feel good, and I can see her glow, which is my reward.   So, think about how you conduct yourself. I am not perfect, and surely can get moody sometimes.  But I try to be my best self to others by acknowledging them, looking at them in the eye, and truly being interested.  Don’t do it to get business, whatever kind of business you are in. Do it to show your humanity.

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