Modern Confessions of a Real Estate Broker – Destin, FL

The signs above are posted at my Destin, Florida real estate office. “No Admittance if You Are Sick” and “Maintain Social Distance” (with a lovely picture of an alligator to indicate how far). Am I paranoid? Maybe. But I don’t think so. Even though Florida real estate is a deemed an essential service, I usually don’t have walk-in customers. I have a few tenants who don’t, either, but this acts as a reminder, just in case the errant person comes in. Oh, there are warning signs posted on the front door, too.

Nowadays, we normally only get the poor UPS delivery man.  At least previously, he had been able to take a chocolate from my candy jar to reward him for his labors.  I used to have it on the front desk filled with miniature Hershey bars, Snickers, and M&M’s. I removed it after realizing that lots of hands rummaged through.  Unclean hands.  Virus hands. Now on the front desk, instead, there is a box of Clorox wipes that reminds me to clean off the front door handle and to run it up the banister to the second floor.  You see, somebody else uses that banister.

When all this started, I provided a bottle of hand sanitizer in the office bathroom, so thoughtful.  After a week or so, I ended up bringing it into my personal office, for fear it would be taken. It was only a two ounce bottle. I thought about that over a weekend with some guilt.

I also locked up the 40 toilet paper rolls that were in the supply closet for anyone to take. I realized that might become important when the most-discussed topic of conversation had become “toilet paper”, even with casual acquaintances.  I packaged them up into two large bags and hid them away. I came into the office to do it when no one else was here, and I did it fast.


It’s Wendy… It’s Sold!

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