Hiring Destin Florida Listing Agent – Listening is Key

Realtors don't listen


“She didn’t listen.”  This was one of the real estate buyer and seller responses in a Florida Realtor “Hear it Direct” focus group asking why sellers and buyers move on to other real estate agents.  I wasn’t surprised by that comment. Some of the other notable remarks were:

“Facebook ads fall under the whole sketchy thing. Facebook ads are irrelevant to me…. I don’t go to Facebook to search for a house. If I search for a house, I go to Google.

Since I am a consumer, too, I can relate to that.  In fact, I scroll so fast by Facebook ads, that I block them out. I cannot even remember the last one I saw.  I also find them sort of “invasive”, although I realize we are tracked online all the time! Have I ever tried Facebook advertising? Yes, a long time ago.  It didn’t work, either.

“I was more interested in the person (than the brand or their company). I’m a local kind of guy. I want someone who simplifies it for me.”

The fact that sellers and buyers pick a Destin Florida real estate “agent”, not the real estate “company”, is no surprise to me.  I’ve found throughout my career that the most important thing is “trust” when picking an Realtor to help you buy or sell a home. Realistically, your personalities have to work well together, too.  Sometimes, they just don’t. Have you ever tried to buy a car, and felt uneasy with one salesperson, but comfortable with another? Why is that? Normally, it is because you “trust” the right one.

Finally, “I felt like it was just pressure selling all the time.”  No one likes pushy sales tactics. We want to run when we are under pressure by the Realtor to make a decision to sell or buy. If that’s the case, in my opinion, it’s more about the “sale” than the buyer or seller.

I would love to hear your comments about picking the right Realtor to sell or buy your Destin Florida home.

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