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As a means to get new business, I sometimes mail out what is called an “expired letter”. I mail these letters to owners who had their properties on the market in the Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, Niceville, Fort Walton Beach Florida areas, but whose house, condo or lot failed to sell and their listing contract “expired”.  A portion of my letter reads:

“I would love to hear your story and see if your information combined with my creativity may get your property sold.   I’ve found that sellers have unique insights that are often the key to a successful sale! What are yours? Please call me to share your story…”

Interestingly, I got a call from a gentleman who owns waterfront property in Santa Rosa Beach, and his listing expired, but he didn’t want to sell again. He was intrigued by my letter and said that was HIS line – “Tell me your story”!  He found it fascinating that I took the same approach, then he proceeded to ask me for “my” story. Of course, I was caught unawares and stumbled and stuttered. Was this a telemarketer with a new line, or what? It turns out he was for real and I found out I didn’t like talking about myself much, but I glanced around my office and saw a Derek Jeter poster on the wall. I told him I was a real New York Yankees baseball fan!  We hit it off, as he, too, was a fan of the Yankees and baseball! We talked and exchanged a few emails relaying our past baseball experiences, my going to the World Series, and him growing up listening to the game of the week. He knew all the players way back in history and recounted how his father had played for the minor leagues and how he was named after a famous baseball player! He inspired me and my husband to watch the Ken Burns’ “Baseball” documentary, especially about the Yankees of the 1960’s. I recounted this to my new friend and it was quite touching – to get to know someone a little with a brief exchange of our shared mutual interest.

Is there a moral to this story? Not really, but I do take a sincere interest in my clients. Everyone has a story. It may help me sell your real estate better.  Tell me yours!

It’s Wendy… It’s Sold!

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