“Day in the Life” of a Destin Short Sale Agent



Just one of my normal days selling real estate and short sales in Destin, Florida…

 Buyer agent emails me to say buyer is “walking” if no response from Niceville short sale lender this week.

 Another buyer agent calls me to say buyer is “walking” by October 31 if no approval given on Destin short sale condo.

 Another buyer agent calls and emails me three times asking when the approved Bank of America Santa Rosa Beach short sale can close.

 Another buyer agent calls to ask if my seller will put $7000 in escrow for “as is” short sale for roof repair, HUH?


Bank of America emails me asking for all new financials and a revised settlement statement within two days, or they will close the file on a Sandestin short sale. 

 Two days before closing on Destin short sale condo, I am trying to obtain junior lien approval letter from Suntrust Bank.  They have been promising the letter for a month. 

 Seller emails me that an agent left the door unlocked after showing his property.  Seller is upset.

  Buyer agent for Fort Walton Beach short sale calls to ask for status on approval.

 On hold 40 minutes with PHH for Niceville Florida short sale.  I ask for supervisor of supervisor, as this short sale has been in process seven months.  I finally have to hang up after hold music gives me a headache.

 Checking on another Suntrust approval,  I am told no BPO or appraisal has been ordered after 60 days.  I ask “When” is it going to be ordered.  The rep tells me she would be a “rich woman” if she could answer that question every time it is asked.

 Checking on Aurora Loan Services short sale.  They say they have moved back all approval estimates by another 30 days.

 I let Navarre short sale seller know we cannot sell her property if we cannot show it. Tenant-occupied and every showing is denied.

 My computer starts typing on its own, repeating the same character ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, for ten minutes.  This is the third time in two weeks.  I am shut down!  I replace the mouse and it starts working again.

 I create a ten-point counter-offer addendum for Destin short sale seller to respond to an offer.

 Another buyer agent emails me buyer is walking if my Santa Rosa Beach short sale seller won’t agree to his bank’s demands for deficiency balance to be paid.

 Good email- Boeing relocation for Destin buyer (wow, non-short sale work)

 Get pre-approval letter for buyer for Fort Walton Beach commercial propertyLetter is dated 1999.  My seller is concerned.

 At the end of  the day, I tell my husband I am exhausted, as it was a bit stressful.  He says, “You wouldn’t have it any other way.”

 He is right.

 It’s Wendy!

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