Do You Deliver “Knock Your Socks Off Service?”

ReceptionYou walk into a place of business.  The receptionist does not look up.  She is on the phone.  No matter what you do, you get no eye contact.  You stomp around and she finally hangs up.  No smile.  “How can I help you?”, she spurts out.  You tell her you are there for an appointment.  “Just a minute”, she instructs you.  After ten minutes, you are ushered in.

Has that ever happened to you?  Or worse?  How often do you check the “courtesy” systems for your own real estate business?  Here is a refresher:

1.  Answer the phone after two to three rings.  Anything more, and they might wonder if you are still in business.

2.  When taking a transferred call, don’t make the party repeat everything they already said to the first person! 

3.  Ask, “May I place you on hold for a moment?”

4.  When you telephone someone, don’t start into your conversation.  Ask if they have time to take your call.

5.  When emailing, repeat the subject line in the content of your email.  Many people gloss over the subject line, and they might not realize you are talking about “unit 2B, Marbella condominiums”!

6.  Are you on time?  If you are going to be late, do you call, even it is only five minutes?

7.  Do you make eye contact when they enter your office or during a conversation?

8.  Do you address people by name, but not so much that it sounds contrived?

9.  Do you thank people for their time, even a bank negotiator?

10.  Gentlemen, do you open the door for your female customer?

11.  When dealing with an angry client, after assisting, do you ask “Is there anything else I may help you with?”

12.  If you cannot give someone your full attention on the phone, do you ask if you can call them back so you can?

13.  If you cannot help someone, do you refer them to someone who can?

14.  Do you tell the truth? For example, it may be more than a minute wait!

15.  Do you respect others?

16.  When you make a mistake, do you confess, apologize and say you will correct the problem and do better?

17. Finally, do you treat everyone, not just your buyers and sellers, but vendors, agents, repair persons, employees, short sale negotiators, salespeople, etc., like your best customer?

Some of these ideas I’ve learned over the years.  Some I’ve found in my favorite customer service book,  “Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service” by Kristin Anderson and Ron Zemke.   I highly recommend you read it and perhaps you might elevate your business.

Thank you for your time.

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