The Dogs Bark; The Caravan Passes

So, I have a Zen page-a-day calendar that I am trying this year. It gives me something to ponder and maybe a way to grow.  Some of the Zen quotes are long, and I am too impatient to study them.  Sometimes I cheat and look ahead. And some quotes stick with me.  Those are the ones that make it up to my computer terminal. They are taped to the bottom of my screen until they become ingrained, or are no longer needed.

A particular quote has stayed with me and survived the year: “The dogs bark; the caravan passes“.

How I interpret this Arabic proverb is to visualize a caravan in the desert, with dogs barking as it passes.  (You can use a modern day car – dogs bark at them, too!) Whatever happens, the caravan does leave the picture, and the dogs become silent. The caravan will always pass. To me, it means that whatever trouble or trifle is happening, it will end. For example, it could be a work annoyance,  or something deeper.

After a kerfuffle, however much I let the “thing” bother me, the situation solves itself. It’s up to me how much import and attention I want to give it.

Little did I know that my personal interpretaion of this proverb was not its intent, per my google research. Apparently, the quote is supposed to mean that progress goes forward, no matter what the noise or criticsm.  So move ahead. However, I think its meaning to me was what is was supposed to mean – to me.


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