3 Reasons to Sell Your Destin Florida Home Now

List my Destin Condo“ We want to wait until after the Holidays to put our home up for sale.” Every year I hear that mantra from potential Destin Florida real estate sellers.  Well, guess what? So does everyone else. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t wait to list your Destin home now, instead of January:

  1. Less Competition.  What’s that? When you sell your property, you are competing against all the other properties for sale that your target buyer is looking for.  For example, if you have a condo priced under $400,000, with more than 2000 square feet, all the other Destin condos with those criteria are vying for the same buyer.  If you have a single family home on the beach on Scenic Highway 98, all those other beachfront houses compete against yours. In December, there are far fewer for sale. In January, they come out in droves– sellers who wanted to wait until “after the Holidays” to list. It happens every year.
  2. More Serious Buyers. True, you may have less showings and buyers in the market place in December, but they are typically more serious and “need” to purchase.  They are probably not tourists “just looking” in the Destin market.  After all, this is a busy time of year for buyers, too.  If they are looking at homes now, chances are – they’ll buy.
  3. What Better Time to Show Off Your Home?  Think mulled cider, the scent of pine cones and a plate of cookies left out for “Santa or the New Owners!”  I can hear White Christmas playing softly in the background, and see the ivy draped across your mantle.  And what could be more welcoming than a big wreath on your front door?

As I tell potential sellers when they ask me, “When is the best time to list our property?”, my answer is always the same – “Now”!

It’s Wendy!

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