Real Estate Agent Texting – Jump and Respond!

real estate agent texting

The new “jump and respond” mentality of texting by real estate agents is out of control.  9:00 p.m. at night – text message: “Can I show xyz Destin Florida listing tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.?”    Texting during contract negotiations: “Can the buyer move in early?” “Why not?”  Texting during the short sale, “Any news?” Who is this texting me, anyway?

Anyone who texts knows it is an instant interruption to whatever the receiver is doing. Texting is not like  emailing. You can open your email when you want. Texting is an instant DING on your phone with the blaring message THERE demanding a response NOW.  The real estate agent/sender knows this. They want an answer IMMEDIATELY. They know you got their message right THEN. You cannot open it at your leisure, like checking your voicemail after lunch, or doing a send and receive when you have time to check emails. It’s in your face.

I understand URGENT messages, like, “About to take off on airplane – the buyer accepted the counter!” That is one thing, but some agents have taken to constantly texting and expecting an immediate response. What do I do? I don’t respond via text. I will EMAIL the agent back. It’s a HINT.  If they text me to show one of dozens of my listings (like I’ve memorized all my showing instructions), I have my staff call them on the PHONE to arrange the showing. If they ask me if I got their text, I tell them why I am responding another way. Some of them get it. Many do not.

Etiquette has left. Texting has replaced it.

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