The Oaks Niceville Florida Short Sale Approved

The Oaks Niceville short sales

Wells Fargo just approved this short sale at The Oaks condo complex in Niceville Florida.  The approval time was less than 60 days, despite Wells Fargo’s taxing use of the Equator short sale processing system.  Here are the details:

Mortgage Holder: Wells Fargo

Balance: appr $190,000

Sales price: appr $82,000

Waiver of Deficiency: yes

Seller contribution: yes

This Oaks condo in Niceville was an investment property. Often, a short sale seller will be asked to “contribute” to participate in the loss when that is the case.  The seller agreed to contribute about $1200, which was negotiated down from Wells Fargo’s initial request.  The seller received a full waiver of deficiency, meaning, Wells Fargo and the investor on the loan would cancel the rest of the debt, and not seek to collect the balance.

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