Fifth Third Bank, Liberty Savings Approve Okaloosa Island Short Sale

Fort Walton Beach Fifth THird Short Sale

This Islander Beach condo in Fort Walton Beach Florida was approved for short sale. It was a complex process, since there were three mortgage liens on the property. Here are the details.

Senior Lien:  Fifth Third Bank

approx balance: $140,000

Junior Lien: Fifth Third Bank

approx balance: $100,000

Junior Lien: Liberty Savings Bank

approx balance: $150,000

Current Market Value:  $260,000

So, where to start with the challenge of three liens?  First, find out if any lienholder will be paid in full from the potential sale.  How do you do that?  Start by asking each lienholder for a “payoff”, or the amount it will take to pay off the note.  Get it in writing, if you can. In this case, the Senior Lien, with a balance of $140,000, could be paid off in full with the market value of $260,000.  Here is where calcuations get tricky, though. The *next* lien, another Fifth Third mortgage, would get something from the sale proceeds, but how much? That is the tricky part.  When preparing a prelimary HUD-1 Settlement statement, your title agent must figure out the payoff for the senior lien months in advance. It’s not easy, because legal fees and penalties add up each month, changing the amount to the next lien in line.  My title agency, Touchstone Land Title is a master at estimating a future balance, but it is not a guaranteed figure, only an estimate. Just make sure you have enough on the HUD to pay the required approval amount to the second lien, and the “extra”, if your HUD was overestimated (or the property closes early), will likely have to go to them, as well.  Why is that?  When you have three liens, and the first will be paid in full, it is really like working with “two liens”…  The first only pays a set amount to the last lien. In this case, Fifth Third (junior), agreed to pay Liberty Savings Bank $9000.  Liberty Savings required a promissory note for much of their balance, which the seller agreed to.

I hope your head isn’t spinning with this Fort Walton Beach short sale. Wait until my next one, in process now, four liens!


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