My Best Destin Short Sale – And It Never Happened!



The Destin Florida  couple called me after they had run out of options.  The wife’s income had been cut in half, and the husband had been laid off from two different jobs in the past year.  They had three children– and their dream home.  The house was custom built, and they had put a lot of thought into the details.  The husband showed off his hand-hewn railings, the Palladian windows, the unique floorplan.  The wife was proud of how spotless it was, despite the three teenagers and dog.  It was breaking their hearts to come to this.

They were three months behind on their mortgage.  No job in site.  They had spotless credit.  This was the point of giving in.  Their bank would make no arrangements to help them out.  They had no choice.  The only option they found was to do a short sale.  The couple could no longer stay in their beautiful home, and were going to move out of state to seek work.  Florida has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, at almost 11%. 

I listed their Destin home as a short sale.  Immediately the calls came from agents with buyers eager to see this stunning property.  For two months, we marketed it and entertained showings.  Each time the couple was eager for feedback.  “How can we make it nicer?” they always asked.

Finally, the news came.  I had to take the home off the market.  Forget about the short sale!  The husband got a job!  It paid more than his previous job!  They would be able to catch up on their payments and keep their house.  I was excited for them and happily withdrew the home for sale.

Sadly, this is the first such story I have had since the Destin short sale market began.  Most of my sellers have had to move out of state looking for work.  Perhaps, though, this is the start of a new trend, and more homeowners will be able to find jobs and keep their property.  I will be at their service either way.

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