I Got My Job Back! What Do I Owe You?

Crestview Florida short sales

Yesterday I got an unexpected call.  My Crestview Florida short sale seller has some good news!  He had originally contacted me because his Fort Walton Beach company was downsizing.  He had no choice but to relocate when they moved his position to another part of the state.  His wife had also lost her job.

This Crestview Florida seller listed his property as a short sale, because he could not rent out his house to cover the mortgage payments.  He also did not have funds to cover the mortgage balance if he sold, since the property was worth far less than the original purchase price.  I had his house for sale for two months, and did my normal extensive online marketing.

When he called me he said his company was sending him back to Crestview!  He missed the Fort Walton Beach area and would be able to move back to into his home. He had to settle up with Wells Fargo, his mortgage holder, because he was several payments behind due to his move.  He told me he knew he owed me because of my time and expenses involved in marketing his house. 

“What do I owe you?” He asked.

I told him, “Nothing! Just remember me next time you need to sell”.  He said of course he would, since I was the first one he thought of when he listed!  I was just happy for this rare story.  A job saved, a family back home, and a foreclosure avoided.

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