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Island Green Sandestin, Florida – Citibank Luxury Short Sale Approved

Sandestin short sale

This lovely home in Island Green, an elegant neighborhood within the community of Sandestin Resort, Miramar Beach, Florida, was just approved as a short sale.  Listed at almost $900,000, the luxury property went under contract in little more than 30 days.  Only the junior lien, Citi, was a short sale.  The following documents are typical of what is required for a short sale approval:

  1. Letter of authorization to allow me to speak on behalf of the owners to the bank
  2. Hardship letter outlining why a short sale is requested (some examples of hardship are job loss, death of breadwinner, medical expenses, mortgage payment re-set, relocation, divorce, etc.)
  3. Uniform Borrower Assistance form, which is a detailed financial worksheet itemizing expenses, income and assets of the owner
  4. Proof of income, for example, paystubs, profit and loss statement, alimony, child support, retirement income, social security income, pension, unemployment compensation
  5. Tax returns and/or IRS Form 4506T allowing the lienholder to obtain the specified tax documents from the IRS
  6. Bank statements– all savings, checking account statements typically for last 60 days, or longer, often kept up-to-date throughout the short sale approval process
  7. Supplement hardship documentation, such as medical bills, divorce decree, military PCS orders, etc.
  8. Payoff statements from other lienholders, such as the payoff from senior, junior liens or homeowners association liens
  9. Preliminary Closing disclosure (CD) or settlement statement (HUD) using the anticipated closing date
  10. Listing agreement
  11. Contract for purchase
  12. Proof of funds for buyer of short sale, either a pre-approval letter for a loan, or bank statement or letter from bank stating cash funds are available

This luxury Sandestin Florida short sale was approved in about 90 days and is scheduled to close in October.  The short sale approval letter from Citibank came without the requirement to pay back any deficiency. Note: there may be tax consequences of a short sale, since the IRS may view the forgiven debt as income. Always consult with your tax advisor and attorney when considering a short sale.

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