If No Real Estate Agent Will Help You Short Sale, Don’t Give Up!

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 One of my Destin Florida short sale sellers just emailed me:

“My wife and I appreciate everything you have done for us.  You were the first and only person we spoke with that actually did what they promised who weren’t trying to scam us.  You have really helped our family finally get through these last two years of misery and now we can get back on track and move on with our lives.”

Reading that gave me butterflies.  But the problem is- why would no other agent help this family with a short sale?  Their home was in a remote location, and at the time, they were current on their mortgage payments.  The husband’s job transfer was 50 miles away, and they were just making ends meet. Their short sale lender was Bank of America.  When I agreed to list their Destin home, they were very relieved.  We sold it as an FHA/HUD pre-foreclosure short sale.  There was a lot of paperwork involved, more so than the normal short sale, but we succeeded.

Just last week, a Santa Rosa Beach Florida short sale seller called me.  They, too, had agents reject helping them, because they had two liens on their home, Bank of America and Regions Mortgage. Apparently, the other agents thought two mortgages were too hard to get approved. One real estate agent who agreed to help them said they had to sign papers allowing an investor-type flip before even listing.  They felt very uncomfortable.  Coincidentally, one of my previous Freeport Florida short sale sellers was renting their home, and recommended me to them.  I fully anticipate getting their Santa Rosa Beach short sale approved.

There are other stories about sellers who are facing foreclosure, where no agent wanted to help.  They might say there are too many liens, the property is too close to foreclosure, or the mortgage is too upside down. 

If you are facing foreclosure on the Emerald Coast of Florida, don’t give up.  If you hear “no”, that your case is too hard for a short sale, don’t give up.  Even if you had a Lis Pendens filed, don’t give up. There is help available for you. Just ask.  

It’s Wendy!

Wendy Rulnick, Broker

Destin Short Sales & Pre Foreclosure Help.

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