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Bank of America Seagrove Beach short saleDo you think Bank of America short sales are all getting quicker? NOT. Every once in a while, there is a long story about a “short” sale in Seagrove Beach Florida.

The lot at Palmeira Villas, off 30-A in Santa Rosa Beach was originally purchased for $650,000.  Today, the lot is worth about $100,000 – over $500,000 less than the original purchase price.  Getting a Bank of America approval for a Seagrove Beach FL investor versus an owner-occupant wasn’t the hard part.  It was the delay in response.

We had submitted a complete  short sale package to Bank of America. The appraisal was back and the counter for seller contribution in Equator was complete.  But after a few months of waiting for the “investor” to respond to the short sale request, my patience (and the seller’s) ran out. We took the following steps to expedite the approval:

1. Seller communication:  I asked the seller to call the negotiator regularly. This put a more personal spin on the case.

2. Qualified Written Request:  We asked Bank of America who the investor was on the loan so we could call them directly, since our negotiator said they were not responding.

3.  Escalation to Executive:  I contacted a Bank of America Vice President asking for assistance.

We received approval three weeks later.  The fun part of the story? Guess who the investor was?  Bank of America.

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