I Need a Broker Price Opinion- This is a Comparative Market Analysis!

I recently got a Mary Esther Florida short sale approved by HSBC, who always provide interesting twists to their short sales.  Here is the story:

Property:  Owner occupied home in Mary Esther Florida

Market Value:  $130,000

Senior Lien:  Wells Fargo – VA loan  – $190,000

Junior Lien:  HSBC –  $40,000

Getting the VA compromise sale approved by Wells Fargo was the easy part of this short sale.   Getting approval from HSBC, the junior lien, was a different story.  HSBC had farmed out its collection efforts to a company called Professional Recovery Services.  After months of waiting for a response on short sale approval, PRS finally claimed that HSBC would not allow a short sale because the borrower had filed for bankruptcy a few years ago.  I was asked to provide documentation that the HSBC lien was not included in the bankruptcy.  I did, but PRS said HSBC still refused to look at the short sale, claiming “a bankruptcy is a bankruptcy”.

Undeterred, I contacted HSBC directly, emailing several representatives until I was directed to a negotiator in the bankruptcy department.  Apparently, I had contacted the right person, as he said he would help with the short sale approval. First, though, he needed me to provide a Broker Price Opinion of the property’s value.  I used my Multiple Listing Service to do a detailed market analysis and faxed in the form.  The HSBC negotiator, although polite enough in scripted English, had a problem with my document.

“This is not a Broker Price Opinion” he said, “It says Comparative Market Analysis”. 

“It’s the same thing.  A comparative market analysis is the same thing as a BPO”, I told him incredulously, “What do you want me to do, re-label it?”


 “It looks like a CMA.  I need a Broker Price Opinion done by a Broker” He choked out.

“I am a Broker.  Fine, I will re-label the form with ‘BPO’ and fax it back to you.”

“Thank you, it has been my pleasure speaking with you”, he read from his script.

I re-entered my data onto another form, labeled it ‘Broker Price Opinion’, and faxed it back to HSBC.  The next day I called in.

“You are approved.  It has been my pleasure working with you”.

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