Homecomings Financial Won’t Talk to Me- Unless I Give Wrong Zip Code for Navarre Florida!

I’ve sold real estate in Navarre Florida a long time.  About 20 years to be exact.  So I should know what the Navarre zip code is- 32566.  Or so I thought.

I was calling Homecomings Financial on the status of one of my Navarre short sales.  Of course, I going through the usual ninth-degree, name, rank and serial number before they would give me any information. Finally, the rep asks for the property address.  I told her 9478 Parker Place, Navarre Florida 32566.  She says, “That’s not the zip code we have”.  First I wondered if I called the wrong bank, or had the wrong property.  No, I quickly scanned my file and it was right.

I said, “Ma’am, Navarre has one zip code and it is 32566”.  Again, she repeated I was mistaken and she could not talk to me about the short sale.  OK, am I going nuts?  Maybe my listing wasn’t in Navarre, or there was a new zip code I didn’t know about.  I said, “Hold on, I’ll verify the zip code on the internet.”  Nope.  One zip code for Navarre, Florida.  Exasperated, I hung up and decided to do some digging.

I checked my physical file with payoff statement from Homecomings Financial. There it was. Their system had the Navarre Florida zip code wrong – 32568.  Done with the phone nonsense, I had my assistant call back.  She gave them the secret code- the wrong zip code, that is, and voila!  They would talk to her.  When she informed them they had the zip code wrong, they stated they would not change it unless my seller sent in a letter!  For some reason they could not check U.S. Postal Service themselves.

Just part of my zany short sale week, how was yours?

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