Bluewater Bay Florida Home Approved For VA Compromise Sale


Niceville VA Compromise Sale

Wells Fargo just approved this home in The Woodlands, Bluewater Bay, Niceville Florida, for a VA Compromise Sale.  A VA Compromise Sale is similar to a short sale. The process is not always “smooth”, and this one had a few issues, too.


The Problem:

VA appraised the home for more than the contract price. The buyer would not increase his offer to meet the VA required net proceeds of 88.13% of the appraisal.

Since the buyer would not pay more for the property, could the seller make up the difference? Normally, the answer is “no”.  VA frowns upon the seller bringing funds to closing, since a VA Compromise Sale is supposed to be a hardship situation.

The Solution:

We were allowed to go forward by providing a “gift letter” supporting seller bringing funds to closing that were “gifted”, not loaned, to meet the VA minimum net.

The good news for the seller was VA does not expect repayment unless they want to get a VA mortgage in the future, and the Wells Fargo HELOC waived any right to a deficiency through our negotiations.  The seller never missed a mortgage payment, which will minimize credit impact.  (Although VA is quoted as saying the borrower must be “behind”, that is not always the case.)

If you have a VA loan on a home in Niceville, Florida, are “upside down” in your mortgage, and need to sell, consider a VA Compromise Sale.  As always, consult with an attorney and an experienced Niceville FL short sale agent.

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