834 Church St., Santa Rosa Beach, FL – Chase Short Sale Approved

Santa Rosa Beach short sale agent


This Church Street home in Santa Rosa Beach Florida was originally purchased as a short sale in 2009.  For the second time, it is being sold as a short sale, just approved by J.P. Morgan Chase. The mortgage was backed by Ginnie Mae, and was a USDA loan, which offers  mortgages to rural areas throughout the U.S.

Lender: Chase
Mortgage Type: Ginnie Mae USDA
Balance: appr $220,000
Junior Liens: none
Sale Price appr $200,000
Seller Cash Contribution: -0-
Seller Promissory Note: -0-
Deficiency: none

Although Chase’s short sale approval letter did not specifically address a waiver of deficiency, the Chase negotiator quoted me USDA loss mitigation guidelines, which state there is no pursuit for the balance of the unpaid note.  I researched online and found the following information about USDA loans sold as short sales, which the USDA calls “pre foreclosure sales” or “PFS”:

“A borrower who successfully sells the property securing the loan using the PFS option is relieved of the mortgage obligation. The borrower shall not be pursued for deficiency judgments by either the Servicer or the Agency.”

Other things to note about USDA short sales – you must have a hardship, and be at least 31 days late on your mortgage payment or facing “imminent default”. For more information about Ginnie Mae or USDA short sale help in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, email me at [email protected]


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