Bank of America Cooperative Short Sale Forms

Bank of America coop short sale

If you own a home or condo in Destin, Crestview, Navarre or Santa Rosa Beach Florida and are working with Bank of America to avoid foreclosure, you may have received some confusing information from them in the mail. One is a letter offering you to participate in the Bank of America cooperative short sale program. The other is a “Short Sale Third Party Authorization” where you will fill out your “Designated Representative” information.  (That is the form about which I get the most calls).  At this point, you’ve decided you want to do a short sale, and probably have gone through one or more attempts with Bank of America to modify your loan to no avail.  They have offered you a special program where you can short sale your home and possibly get a cash incentive at closing (cooperative short sale). There are spots to fill in your your Designated Representative’s name, Company Name, State Licensing Entity and License Number. You do not need to fill that part in – just fill in your name, co-borrower’s name, property address, and loan number. You should sign the form.  Here is where your big decision comes into play.

What do you do next?  Decide which short sale real estate agent will best work with you and Bank of America in the short sale of your home or condo in Destin, Crestview, Santa Rosa Beach, Fort Walton Beach or Navarre Florida.  How do you go about picking your agent?  Start with a google search of agents in your town who are short sale agents. Read about them and their success rates. Call or email them with your questions.  The questions they ask YOU will be one of the keys to how well they will work with you and Bank of America to result in a successful short sale on your behalf. Do you have questions now about Bank of America cooperative short sale, Third Party Authorization, VA Compromise Sale, FHA pre foreclosure sale, HAFA, HAP, Ginnie Mae short sales?  Email me at[email protected] Let’s work together to solve your situation, work through the maze at Bank of America, and help you move forward with your life.

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