3 Keys to Getting Real Estate Sold in Destin Florida

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There are three key factors to getting real estate sold in Destin Florida, and believe it or not, they are not “location, location, location”. They are, however, pretty simple. It doesn’t matter if the property is in perfect condition or needs work, or where the property is located, or how old it is. The factors are the same.  Here are the keys to getting a home sold:

  1. PRICE: Let’s not gloss over number one. Even if your Destin area home is in great condition and gorgeous, if it’s overpriced, it’s not going to sell, or it’s going to have to wait for the market to “catch up” to the price. That means, if prices are going up 4% a year, hypothetically, and the home is priced 30% over market value, it may sell in a few years. If the home needs work, and it’s overpriced, it may not get a look or it could garner ridiculous offers. In that case, the seller may be positioned in the market so it’s not going to sell. If a property is in a poor location, such as near an industrial zone or next to high power lines, and the price doesn’t account for that, it’s not going to sell.  There is a right price for every property that will attract the right buyers, regardless of condition or location.  Priced incorrectly, a home may just “sit” there, or may help sell other properties. How’s that? Because agents may show the overpriced home, then show another home in the price range that is a better value. That helps sell the other property.  Should you price over market value at all? It depends. If the market is rising, you can be a little ahead. If you have a lot of similar competition, for example, a condo, or tract housing, and you want a faster sale, price a little under the market.  Every sale situation is different, so rely on a thorough market analysis and always gauge the market reaction after you are listed. If a property gets a lot of showings, but no offers, it’s probably overpriced. If a property barely gets a showing, it’s likely price.
  2. MARKETING: Another term for marketing is “exposure”. Who knows that the property is for sale? Everyone should!  The number one method for searching for Destin Florida real estate is online.  Your agent should be extensively marketing the property on the internet on a variety of websites and social platforms, like Google+, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Zillow, etc., and also doing custom blogging about your property.  One often overlooked part of marketing is feature presentation. The agent’s property description is key to creating interest.  They don’t have to write a book, and certainly should not exaggerate a property’s features, but they should do a write-up that is geared to whomever the likely buyer will be.
  3. NEGOTIATIONS: Finally, after all that work and marketing and showings, there is an offer. What your agent does right before and after is critical to your sale.  Things like being accessible to the selling agent,  (since the listing agent and selling agent are usually different), being polite and receptive without giving away your position are of utmost importance. Another critical negotiations skill is finding solutions to problems, instead of mentally moving on if a sales hurdle is presented. My motto is “Problem? Solution!” Does this make sense?

These are the three keys to getting real estate sold. There are many more details involved and this is an overview. There are ways to maximize your sale price, stir up interest and keep a closing from falling apart! If you would like more tips about how I sell property, give me a call.

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