A Connection

I was shopping in the greeting card aisle of the Destin Walgreens the other day.  It was mid-day, and I was in my work hurry, looking for a Father’s Day card. There was a motorized cart in the middle of the aisle, left strangely abandoned. There was also an older woman with a regular shopping cart looking for greeting cards.  She must have seen my quizzical look, as she giggled at the abandoned cart and said how odd it was that someone had left it there. I smiled and agreed.  I continued card hunting and after a while, I heard “Ohhh, can you help me?”. I turned around and saw the woman had dropped several cards and envelopes on the floor.  “I cannot pick them up, I just had back surgery”, she explained.  As I came over and grabbed the cards for her, something came over me. I looked at her and said, “You will be fine. I’ve had back surgery. Walking is good.” I could tell she was moved and said “Thank you!”  As I went on my way, and she hers, she called out to me, “God bless you!”  It was a connection.

A week or so later, I was getting a house ready to list. The owner was about 90 years old. While reviewing the property with him, I noticed a large framed photo of a young U.S. Navy officer. He said it was him. I was shocked and impressed, as it was quite dramatic. I said “Is that really you?”  After admiring the photo, I said to him, “Thank you for your service”. And I meant it.  I could tell he was moved. He said “Thank you.”  After another moment, he added, “Thank you. I really appreciate it.”  Wow, I took that with me. What he said, and the woman in the story above, were interactions I will not forget. They meant more to me than I knew at the time.

Now, I try to be a little more attentive, when I remember, to notice people, especially older people.   Just a “Hello” and a greeting to the eyes might be all it takes to lift their spirits. A connection.


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