Time for Cleaning Out

I am a little behind the times, given that a lot of people have been cleaning and organizing since the inception of the Florida Stay-at-Home order. After three weeks, it finally got to me. It has been a time of accounting and personal reflection, and it manifested in ordering and upgrading. What do we really need? What services do we really use? What stuff is necessary?

Long overdue was the cleaning out of my storage unit in Destin. I had this unit for 25 years, from when I first relocated to Florida.  It morphed from the original junk I moved here from Connecticut, into a packed repository of real estate signs, office furniture, and files, until twelve years ago, when I built my current office.  I hadn’t been to the unit in that many years, but I was still paying the bill. I finally said “enough” and brought my husband with me to look, grab what I wanted (my mother’s original china collection), and have Junk-A-Way take the rest. I didn’t even know if the rolling door would open.

Well, it did. The first horrifying thing that happened when we opened it, after the musty folders tumbled off a filing cabinet to the ground, was the “hand”.  I am not making this up. It was one of those Halloween hands that is on top of a candy jar that scares you when reaching in. It was green. And it was covered in cobwebs.

That aside, it was an adventure getting into the unit.  At 10′ x 10′, it was packed with old desks, shelving units, filing cabinets, printers, computers, boxes of files, giant real estate signs, and my grandmother’s piano. What I really wanted was far in the back. My mother’s china. I had pined for that for years. My poor husband had to move box after box outside the unit, until we were far enough in to find boxes labeled “china”.  Other treasures that I didn’t expect, including an old coin collection, a hunting bow, racquetball racquets, and an old recording of me on a newscast, was a box of photos from my real estate days in Connecticut. Oh, the perm.

So, the cleaning, ordering and upgrading continues. Since then, I’ve gone through drawers of jewelry rarely worn, with boxes ready to give a friend to re-purpose. I’ve organized my office, throwing out junk. I’ve cancelled services that were add-ons that I didn’t really need.  And I lowered my cable bill. I didn’t realize I was paying for a long abandoned phone number, snuck onto page four of the fine print, for years. I am not done. Are you?

It’s Wendy… It’s Sold!

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