Pricing Trends – Seller Valuations vs. Market Value

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With a market increasingly turning into a seller’s market along the Emerald Coast, a new pricing trend is emerging. Sellers are overvaluing their properties. This is not just a local phenomenon.  According to a recent study quoted in a Seattle Times article “Owners Tend to Overvalue Homes“, the home value in someone’s mind is usually 8% higher than market value.  I can understand this. My husband and I did a huge remodeling job, so,  human nature is we feel every single penny we put in, we’ll get back if we sold our home. As a real estate broker, I know that is not true.  Put it this way, if you spend $5000 on upgrading your sprinkler system, is a buyer going to pay you $5000 more for your house, or even more than that? No.  Not a penny. Why? Because everyone has a sprinkler system in the example neighborhood, so it’s expected.

This is a home pricing scenario that is played out in most sellers’ minds… “We paid “X” for something, so we should get at least that back.”  Let’s take another example, a swimming pool. Do you know that some buyers will eliminate looking at a property because they don’t want a pool?  If they do want a pool, and it cost you $40,000 to install, will you get $40,000 more for your house? Emphatically, no. Projects don’t generally return the initial investment or more. A specific example cited in the article was the return on a major kitchen remodeling project. In reality, these projects typically reap 67.8% at time of sale. (Check out this Cost Vs. Value report to find out what you realistically should expect from home improvements when selling.)

Left out of the article, a common reason for overpricing is the tendency to price at what the seller “needs” for a future purchase or project. It may have no relevance to market value.  A similar pricing “strategy” is to pick a round number. For example, a seller needs to make “$100,000” (not $39,000) or sell for “$1,000,000 (not $880,000).  Why? It’s is human nature!

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